Some of us travel quite a lot and the all too well-known feeling of your skin and hair being raisin-ionized and completely drained from moisture is both bitter sweet and quite uncomfortable.

So, how best to avoid the raisin-look-arrival as well as the following struggle to make up for the lost moisture? We got you sorted!


Airplanes really are moisture thefts and fortunately the extra means necessary to avoid being robbed are quite simple.


  1. Before takeoff, wash your hair with a moisture shampoo and follow with a nurturing conditioner and/or a special care/color treatment depending on whether your hair is colored or not. The color care treatment will also help prevent color fading. Use hair oil afterwards and make sure to bring hair oil on the plane so you can add some extra oil during the flight – especially for longer flights. 30 ml bottles are perfect for this purpose.
  2. It is a true life savior to exfoliate your skin, both face and body, with a scrub prior to the flight. The exfoliation will enhance your skin’s uptake of your moisturizing products. Use an intense body lotion straight after showering, let it dry, and then follow with an extra layer of oil (both face and body oils can do the trick). This will give your skin a solid boost of moisture and help prevent your skin from drying out. For your face, cleanse, tone and use a serum prior to your moisturizing day cream or facial oil after scrubbing and showering. The serum nurtures the skin itself and further supports your skin’s uptake of the following day cream or oil.
    A light and easily absorbed dry-oil that you can use for hair, face and body is a really good choice for a 3-in-1 product that can truly hydrate you while in the air. In this way you even safe some luggage space for all the shopping you need to do.


We wish you a safe and hydrated flight.