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Good to know about hair care

Why do I need hair care?

Your hair consists of the follicle, or root, placed under your scalp, which determines the thichness and type of your hair depending on its size and shape. Hair color on the other hand is determined by the types and levels of melanin, or pigment, in your hair. It is from the follicle that your hair fibres grow and they each have an inner core, the cortex, as well as several outer layers, the cuticles. The cuticles are the ones damaged from harsh hair treatments, eg. chemicals and coloring, and from different weather conditions etc. It is the cuticles that protects the core and therefore needs to be nurtured with good hair care products.

Essential to good hair care products is that they are mild and full of nurturing protein, vitamins and minerals and further adds sufficient moisture. Depending on your hair condition the necessary levels of these will differ.

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How do I know what my hair needs?

If your hair feels sticky, humid or limp it needs more protein, vitamins and minerals to get stronger, thoroughly cleansed, levelled moisture and natural healthy growth and volume.

Similarly, if your hair is extremely soft, fragile, easily broken and very difficult to get styled it needs more protein, vitamins and minerals to get stronger, more voluminous and manageable.

On the other hand, if your hair or scalp feels dry, weak, flaky, rough or hard it needs more nurturing moisture, vitamins and minerals to regain elasticity as well as natural shine, strength and growth.

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