Unique Beauty soon launches rejuvenating skin care line

We have worked long on our newest family member and we are really excited to launch her – to say it the least. Her name is UNIQUE SKINCARE and comes in a first edition called Advanced AgeAct.

The main ingredient in our new skin care line is an AgeAct complex – a blend of precious extracts and botanical peptide active ingredients from blackberry, parsley, ramson, bilberry, cranberry and peas. With this combination we have developed a skin care line that works for perfect skin hydration to maintain skin elasticity and stall further loss of it. It further works to add youthful glow and a smoother appearance. Through continuos use AgeAct helps minimize the appearance of fine lines.

AgeAct consists of natural active ingredients chosen on the basis of science and research in our own lab and in collaboration with the best raw material specialists in the world. The result is a pure multifunctional anti-aging active of the highest quality. Certified organic, naturally.

Soon it can be yours.

Stay turned. It is on its way..

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