Unique Beauty perfumes will soon arrive

Unique Beauty are thrilled to announce that we will soon launch certified organic perfumes (edp). All perfumes consist of natural ingredients mixed in an innovative way to create sophisticated and multiple notes perfumes. The new and innovative approach within in the genre of organic perfumes is quite fantastic and essentially allows us to offer more nuanced, balanced and rich notes from natural sources than has ever been possible.

Here is a little teaser description to some of the Unique Beauty Perfumes, which soon can be yours..

..an alluring blend of floral and spicy notes with a twist of vanilla and rose. A stimulating and extravagant fragrance, which brings back good memories.


a captivating fusion of fruity, watery and gourmand notes with an indication of freshness.


a delightful fusion of chypre and fruity, floral and woody notes, all of which we so joyfully remember summer by.


At Unique we cant wait to launch Unique Beauty perfumes. It won’t be long until you can pick your signature certified organic perfume and wear the most sophisticated natural fragrances – even knowing that it is environmentally friendly. It is pretty Unique!

Stay tuned


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