Tips on how to style hair with Unique Beauty hair oils

Style with hair oils. Yup, hair oils are not just a hair care product to nurture you hair with, you can use it actively to create specific looks and hair styles.

In this post we will look at two specific and very different looks – The casual cool slicked back hair and The soft natural wavy hair.


The casual cool slicked back hair style

A hair style with a casual cool expression that both fits the relaxed denim white t-shirt outfit and the more sophisticated dinner dress outfit. Here is how you create the perfect slicked back hair look.

  1. Wash your hair with a nurturing and moisturizing shampoo and finish with a moisturizing conditioner to make your hair as soft, moist and manageable as possible.
  2. Towel dry your hair and add a small amount of vitamin F hair oil or argan oil only to the ends of your hair (split or not) to give them modest natural shine.
  3. Blow dry your hair – only in the direction that blows your hair back and more fixed away from your face
  4. When almost dry, generously add (1-1,5 tsp.) of your favorite Unique Beauty hair oil from the top and approx. 10-15 cm down by combing it with your oily fingers.
  5. Pull your fingers trough the hair until you are satisfied with the look and finish with a few sprays of Unique Beauty Fragrance free hairspray to add fixation.


The soft natural wavy hair style

This is a hair style that basically can go with everything. It is super simple to make and with only a few steps you are good to go.

  1. Wash your hair with a shampoo that adds volume so that you will have more bounce in your hair
  2. Towel dry your hair and add a modest amount of your favorite Unique Beauty Hair Oil and comb the oil in with your fingers in only half your hair length from the ends and up.
  3. Gather all your hair (as you would if you were to make a ponytail) and spin or twist it all. If you have thick hair then divide it into several sections and twist each section at a time. Keep holding it tight like that and start blow drying the ‘twisted ponytail’. Once it feels dry let go and use you fingers to separate it into smaller hair locks and finish with a few sprays of Unique Beauty Fragrance free hair spray to add natural hold. This method gives you a natural wavy look that does not look ‘made’ or over-styled.

There you go. Two simple hair styles using Unique Beauty hair oils.

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