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Certified organic beauty products can differ widely in several aspects. Naturally the choice and focus of ingredients will differ. More importantly, and this is where beauty products differ in HOW GREEN & PURE they are, certified organic beauty products will differ in terms of percentages of organic content from organic farming and percentages of content with natural origin. Furthermore, they will differ in production methods and principles of ingredients sourcing such as the origin and sustainability of ingredients. We will come back to that.

ECOCERT requirements

So, ECOCERT requires that a minimum of 10% of the product by weight must come from organic farming  – and a minimum of 95% of the total product must be of natural origin. This is really where it becomes interesting – because who ever said that one should stick to the minimum? In a lot of the available certified products you will find the minimums. But it is possible to do more than that. In Unique Beauty products for example, we have prioritized to raise the percentages so that our beauty products are more rich in content, more green and pure for our consumers – and the environment, naturally. The point is really that the more organic ingredients present – the better for everyone.

What to look for

Now, the production methods used by the manufacturing company of the beauty products are important and will say more than one should think about the actual sustainability of the company and its products. For example, environmentally damaging production methods will not really correspond to the green statements a company might make. Neither will choices of ingredients that requires thousands and thousands of kilometers of transportation make much sense, because this is something that really affects the CO2 count, i.e. not very sustainable – and it is really not necessary to do for most ingredients.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the choices made by the manufacturing company of your beauty products. Does the green statements ad up to how they run the production and how they source ingredients? To be sustainable we believe all things need to be considered and acted upon.

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