How often should i wash my hair? We get that question quite a lot so a little post about it therefore seems fitting.

The short answer is -when it is dirty. Naturally it is more nuanced than that since there can be so many reasons to why your hair gets or simply feels dirty. So let’s break it down to make more sense of it.

We all have different hair types, styling routines, activities and lifestyles that affect the hair, eg. sports, indoor or outdoor life etc.  So at the end of the day that is what it comes down to.

Active lifestyle

If you have a very active lifestyle both outdoor and indoor with sport activities on a daily basis you will most likely need to wash your hair every day. That is not a problem if you use mild certified organic products as you will avoid hash chemicals and synthetic damaging ingredients that way. You might want to nurture your hair a little extra though, as daily blow drying, hair straightening etc. affect moisture levels and can lead to hair breakage. Give your hair a weekly special care treatment and use leave in conditioner and/or nurturing hair oils (eg. argan oil) to protect your hair from the heat.

Medium to minimal active lifestyle

If you have a lifestyle with regular indoor and outdoor activities, but not every single day, it might not be necessary to wash your hair every single day but rather limit it to every second day or coordinate it with your physical activities. That way you limit your hair’s exposure to the heat from blow drying etc, which will minimize breakage and dry hair. You might still need extra care once or twice a week, which will strengthen your hair even more.

If you have colored hair

Regardless of your lifestyle, colored hair needs special attention in terms of care and color preservation. You might have spend a lot on money at the hairdresser and sometimes it feels like your new hair color fades by just looking at it.
For colored hair it is important to use a proper color care shampoo and conditioner that have color preserving properties that protect the hair AND the hair color from fading. Especially if you have a lifestyle in which you need to wash your hair every day. If possible, limit your hair washing to every second day and make sure to complement your hair washing with a color care treatment at least once a week. In this way you can make your hair color last way longer.

If you use a lot of hair styling products

Hair styling products can make your hair stiff, soft, shiny etc., which different occasions might call for. However, many styling products claiming these properties are most often full of silicone, which will make your hair go limp and sticky fast, and alcohol, which will make your hair go dry and more fragile to breakage. So first things first: make sure to use mild hair styling products without silicone and alcohol.
When using a lot of styling products you might need to wash your hair more often, as in every day, to cleanse away the styling products. A good advice here is to use a deep cleansing product that will remove it all. After that you should give your hair some special care to ensure sufficient nurture and strength and preferable use natural hair oils after washing your hair, so your hair is well moisturized before adding your hair styling.


While this list is far from exhaustive it covers some of the most common ‘hair situations’ and will hopefully help guide you to the perfect hair washing routine.