Dry skin? Here are 3 easy steps to avoid dry skin all year

Throughout a year your skin goes through quite a lot. From low humidity and cold weather to high humidity with high temperatures. During winter most moisture is sucked out of your skin because of the low humidity and the changing temperatures from the inside heating to the freezing outside. Summer on the other hand brings higher humidity and the tendency to dry out is less expressed. Yet tanning and sun burns are guilty as charged when it comes to drying out skin too.

So, if you are tired of dry and flaky skin, keep reading . Here are 3 fundamental aspects of keeping your skin hydrated all year.

  1. It is well known that hot and long showers are the best. In particular during the cold seasons. But hot showers are not just warming you up for a while, they are drying your skin out completely. Slow down on the shower temperatures to prevent the greedy moisture thief from taking it all.
  2. In close connection to the first tip is the 2nd tip of moisturizing your skin at least twice a day. The first time you should moisturize your skin is straight after you come out of the now modest temporized shower. It is probably the most important time at which skin care should be practiced with army discipline. After cleansing your skin in the shower, your pores are more receptive to moisture than ever. Feed it proper and your skin’s moisture levels will come a long way.
  3. The 3rd tip is basically the essence of what any beauty routine should be based on. Yup, it is the use of safe, healthy and mild beauty products. Products with harsh chemicals, synthetic perfumes and colors are both rough and damaging to you skin. Irritation and dried out skin from the use of such products can even lead to lasting allergies, hormonal disruption and other skin diseases. Choose mild certified organic beauty products to go with the safe choice of using products of good use to your thirsty skin.
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