Why choose sustainable beauty products

Sustainability. A beauty buzz word or a solid concept applicable to the beauty industry?

We believe the latter and UNIQUE BEAUTY has been doing it for more than a decade.

When a product is certified by a respectable certification body like ECOCERT you can be certain that the claims on the products are correct. ECOCERT does not only control that the ingredients and products comply with their standards in regards to the organic content but they also control that the products are manufactured in compliance with regulations of proper health related and environmentally friendly processes.

Ecocert is for instance checking batch references, documentation, microbiological tests, safety assessments and numerous other things that basically have got nothing to do with being organic but more so with the safety of the products. So when buying an ECOCERT certified beauty product you are also assured that the products are safe to use.

Whenever you use a beauty product your skin absorb a large part of the product. In other words – you are basically eating your product through your skin. Most people care about what they eat and only want the best for their bodies. Beauty products are no different. Only feed your skin with the best beauty products that are safe, healthy and environmentally friendly.



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